Saturday, August 20, 2011

Going traditional

After a lot of research, discussion, and prayer, Hubby and I have decided that we will begin transitioning our family to a fully traditionally prepared diet.  Meaning cultured dairy products, fermented veggies, soaked and sprouted grains, and *gasp* even raw milk if I can actually find cow's milk down here.

I laughed as we were talking about it last night. Who would have thought I, of all people, would turn into a crunchy momma?  But I have and there is a peace to our decision that I've never had before. :)

Today, for the first time ever, I made a sourdough starter. I followed the directions from Kitchen Stewardship's post on sourdough starters, except I stirred the flour and water together. Katie didn't say whether to do this or not, but I figured it didn't hurt and the worst it could do is ruin it and I make another batch.  I'm hoping it turns out because I'd really like to try other sourdough recipes! I think first up will be the sourdough crackers b/c the kids need something to snack on with their lunches.
Sourdough starter day 1: 9am 8.20.11

My guys aren't found of sourdough bread (although I love it) but Manny agrees with me that the health benefits are more important and they'll learn to like it. My concession is that there are plenty of other foods I have to learn to like, and a lot more that none of us have ever tried.  Would you believe I actually ate green onions on cheese fries last night?  Willingly???  I can't say I liked them, but they weren't all that bad.

Another thing I started this morning is my kefired water.  I really hope this turns out well. I have lots of plans for it, and I'm still on the hunt for a natural cola recipe.
Water kefir day 1: 9am 8.20.11

Of additional note, and my bestie Eryn will be so happy with me, I bought some unrefined coconut oil yesterday.  I haven't figured out what I'm going to make with it yet though.  {Of interesting note, it's so warm in my kitchen the oil liquefied within 30 minutes of adding it to my pantry. I hope that works in favor for my fermenting and not against it.}


  1. Wow - this is a big undertaking, but there is a lot to be said for naturally cultured dairy products! My husband works at a dairy plant (one that serves all of the former Yugoslavia) and he really swears by natural yogurts and Kefir. Kefir is something that is eaten a lot over here, given the historic Turkish influence, I guess. Also, they have a yogurt drink that is part plain yogurt and part milk. We drink a lot of that here - my son LOVES it. They also sell a lot of acidophilus yogurts and vitamin-enriched yogurts because they really do help with digestion and boosting your immune system. I hope you blog more about this - I'd love to get some ideas. :) Enjoy!!!

  2. I agree... would love to hear more about this.

    And if the sourdough starter works out, will pass along the tips and recipe?


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