Friday, August 26, 2011

#3in30 August goals - Week 4 update

You can read about my other goals for August here.

Goal #3 - Reclaim my mornings.

I have not been good about getting up this week, often dragging myself out of bed at 545 or later. But I have still spent time in prayer while I'm getting dressed and I've still be fixing breakfast for my kids.  Most days.

We've had breakfast tacos once, oatmeal twice, and cereal/smoothies once.  Today's another cereal today.

I think I'm just getting to bed too late and that's what is making it harder to get up in the morning, but I'm not positive.  SleepBot says I'm 4:33 hrs behind on my sleep, although it certainly feels like it's more than that.  {Today is a bad allergy day, which doesn't help.}

I need to work on my September goals today.  I have so many ideas floating in my head that I'm going to have to write them out and prioritize them.


  1. Boy, can I relate to what you are saying and since I homeschool, I get up much later than you do! And I know for sure that I am going to bed too late. In addition to that, I also have allergies, and I know that makes it harder, too.

    So I totally get what you are saying and I say, GOOD FOR YOU, that you have been getting up as early as you have and making complex, healthy breakfasts!!

  2. It's hard to go to bed early... It's hard to get up early when you have gone to bed early.

    Today was my last day of Summer Vacation before I start teaching for the new year, and I purposefully let myself sleep in instead of getting up at 4 am. By 7:30AM I wished that I had just gotten up at normal time... It was so much harder to make my quiet time happen...

    I love my morning routine!

    Can't wait to see what your September goals are!

  3. You've made great effort and good progress! I still need to decide on my Sept goals as well. :)


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