Sunday, August 7, 2011

#3in30 August goals - Week 1 update

Goal #1 - Clean out and organize the bathroom cabinets.  Complete!

This was a time consuming task, even more so than I thought it would.  Our recent acquisition of a mirrored stand for our bedroom meant I could move my things into the bedroom. 

I was beyond thrilled since we only have 1 very poorly ventilated bathroom and it's always a hassle to share it with the boys in the mornings.  Moving my things was going to be part of my clean out process. Unfortunately Fortunately, that meant I had to first clean off my dresser in order to make space for the new stuff.

My make-up bag, the rest is not mine.

The white pail, peach soap, and purple/orange hair products are mine. The rest is not.

I claim only a few things from down here too.

Only the socks on the left edge belong to me.

As you can see, everything was cluttered and just tossed helter skelter and never really put away properly. {Most of the mess isn't mine though.}

After several hours of sorting, tossing, scrubbing, and organizing, it's done. And it'd better stay nice and neat or heads will spin.  ;)

Scrubbed clean except for things to be relocated to the bathroom

Done!  My stuff on the right, sunscreens and aloe in the middle, extra bath products and lotions on the left.

It looks so much better now!  {The blue container is homemade face wipes.}

Nice and neat and organized!  Lotions, perfume, nail polish, makeup.  {The brushes will get a good cleaning tomorrow.}

With the lotions now on the dresser, my hanging organizer is only for hair  products and accessories!

Goal #2 - Finish my Good Morning Girls book study.  I have a dental appointment tomorrow, so it'll be a good time to get caught up since they don't like you on your cell phone in the back.

Goal #3 - Refocus myself to #hellomornings and getting up early enough for exercise and quiet time.  This has to become a priority. I've got 2 weeks until school starts, and the boys have to start getting up early this week too.  


  1. You did a great job organizing the bathroom, Bobbey, it looks great! Good luck with #2 & #3 this week. :O)

  2. Wow! Isn't it amazing the feeling you get when you accomplish something like the bathroom and the dresser-top! Way to go--and it's only the first week! :) Keep up the good work with your other two goals.

  3. Wow, Bobby you did amazing with all that organizing! I love that idea for a hanging hair supplies...i have so many.

    I struggle with getting up early myself...i am a night owl.

    Keep up great work!

  4. Yeah!!! I LOVE organizing things and it looks like you did a GREAT job! Keep it up!


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