Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reading lists

I'm a huge fan of books.  Maybe you didn't know that about me, or maybe you did and you're rolling your eyes at the obvious.  {You know you are.}

My bookshelf overflows with them, my PCs and phone are filled with e-books {some of which get printed b/c I *need* a hard copy too}, and I've just discovered why the Kindle is such a huge seller {thanks to the free Kindle app on my new phone}.

If you keep up with the lists in the sidebar, you'll notice they're both pretty long and they're about to get longer.

I've decided this weekend I simply must order a copy of Nourishing Traditions and The Body Ecology Diet.  Hard copy of course b/c I need to be able to share them with the hubby, and he's not getting my phone to read them on.  {Love you, baby!}

I've recently read Is Your Flour Wet?, an e-book by Kitchen Stewardship, and I'm really thinking there's something to the whole concept of soaking and fermenting grains. Now I need to know more. And I really really want to make a sourdough starter this weekend.  Even if I don't manage to get bread to bake right in this house, I can at least use it for biscuits or pancakes or tortillas.

Know what I really need though?  Enough time to read everything on my lists!


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