Saturday, August 20, 2011

#3in30 August goals - Week 3 update

Wow.  I can't believe it's already time for my 3rd week update, but it is.  School starts on Monday and my hubby is so glad!  haha

Goal #1 - Clean out and organize the bathroom cabinets.   
Goal #2 - Finish my Good Morning Girls book study. 

I am still working towards finishing up all the SOAP scriptures for the GMG study before the 1 John study starts on 9/19. So far I've been doing one a day, right before bed, but I may sit down this weekend and try to get a few weeks worth finished. 

Goal #3 - Refocus myself to #hellomornings and getting up early enough for exercise and quiet time.

My Sleep Bot app says I only had 2 late days this week, which is better than last week.  I've made it a point of getting my QT and worship time in regardless of what time I got up.  Exercise is somewhat limited right now.  I strained my upper right arm somehow, and being the relatively same location as a 5-year old recovered tear injury, I'm being very cautious until I know it's fully healed.  I do not want a serious injury like that again!  Officially, #hellomornings is between sessions but the fall session starts 9/15.  Head over to Inspired To Action and keep an eye out for her sign-up post if you want to join us next time!

I'm loving that I find myself now thinking ahead for future goals and projects that need to be done.  It's funny when I come across something and I catch myself thinking - oh, that'll be perfect for next month or that'll work better scheduling wise if I wait until October.  LOL  And to think back in April I gave up so easily!


  1. Great job on the goals! I don't blame you for taking it easy on the exercising. Sounds like a good idea.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Nice!!

    Sorry about the tender arm. :( That makes nearly everything difficult, huh?
    I think you are being very wise to wait until you know it's healed, especially because of the previous injury.

    I love the 3 in 30 too! As I am reading other peoples blogs, I am thinking to myself.. OH! I have to remember that one!

    I have a feeling much of september's goals will be about school and getting organized and STAYING organized there!

  3. Thanks ladies! Meredith, I agree about September goals being focused on school. I think at least one of mine will end up being the same!


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