Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday night update

Woohoo!  My 4-day work week is half over.  Gotta love vacation days -- esp when they fall on a go-live weekend.   :)

Manny decided we'll start our 90-day Bible Challenge this Saturday.  I guess he figures it's a good day to do it since he's trying to incorporate a Saturday Sabbath into our household routine.  I strongly feel that in the culture we've evolved into, the practice itself is what is important, not whether it occurs on Saturday or Sunday.  He's not convinced of that yet, but neither is he putting forth significant effort into ensuring the house is cleaned up and chores are done and meals are cooked before Friday night.  As a SAHD, I feel that's part of his responsibility, esp since he's expecting me to essentially give up my entire weekend.   If he drove, or once Alex has his driver's license, it may be very different b/c they can go run errands after school.  Right now though, I've got enough on my plate with a FT job, an hour commute (if I get out on time and traffic cooperates) and church activities Wed pm and Sun am/pm.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for the concept of practicing Sabbath as we're commanded to. I just feel very strongly (and after a lot of prayer and my own research) that God won't mind what day we practice it on - just that we DO set aside a day devoted to him.  Besides, I think it completely and totally defeats the purpose of a Sabbath (even on Saturday) if you only sit around watching TV/movie marathons from morning to night.

Time for me to start planning for tomorrow and get to bed.  Hoping to get some reading in on my MOM book too before I fall asleep.  :)



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