Monday, July 4, 2011

Small Town 4th of July

{This post is picture intense!}

The boys and I met up with my friend Alicia and her boys for the local parade on Main Street.  We were a few minutes early but got a really good spot. 

I can't imagine how hot these guys must have been standing there.  At 10am, we already have a heat index of 95*!

Old time fire truck.  I love this one!

I think they must have had half our fire trucks in the parade.  

Ladder truck from our next door neighbor city. I'm pretty sure Andy's been on this one before.

Local and state officials.  I don't play the political scene, but I think it's good that they come out for this kind of stuff.  Or maybe it's just a representative for them?

Cool cars - take your pick!

WOW - Broadway sure got crowded!

Lots of local groups showed up to participate.  This one is a church group!

4 wheeling on the 4th!

Boy scouts!

Cool Jeep!


And now for the Cub Scouts

We have a plethora of golf carts in LP. They're street legal. :)

More local groups...


Small tall parades are never complete without the obligatory John Deere.

Still more small groups...

And the Girl Scouts wrapped it up this morning. 

Coming up next is grilling {of course!} yummy food, concerts this evening, and fireworks over the Bay tonight. Stay tuned!


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