Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Motives for motivation

After months of putting off finishing up a project and weeks of not doing the mundane tasks I dislike, not to mention the subsequent 'Lord help me focus' statements that went with my delays, I finally shut down the computer and did the mundane.

What gets me is my darling husband questions about why. While it bothers me on a higher, in general, level, it also bugs me that I so rarely do things around the house that when I do it bears questioning. :(

All the more reason for me to get off my bum and get busy, right?

So at least clothes are bagged for donations tomorrow (3 bags worth), old shoes and trash are trashed, bags are nicely repacked and ready to store, and Mt. Laundmore is put away. I even replaced lightbulb s in the ceiling fan because I found them. LOL

Now I'm going to enjoy some coffee and my book before bed.

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