Monday, March 21, 2011

Three weeks and counting...

We are now 3 weeks in to what I’ve lovingly decided to call our “birthing pains of a new lifestyle”. 

In other words, now that Manny is feeling a zillion times better with an all-organic diet (to the point that we cleaned out the cupboard and donated 3 bags of non-organic food to the church, along with an apology for giving it to them LOL) his eyes have been opened so-to-speak and he’s seeing what’s really going on around him.  And it’s not been entirely pretty or pleasant as he realizes how much the boys take advantage of us and his inability to do/react to stuff going on around him.  I’m just trying to go with the flow because I understand what he’s doing and why, and most of the time I’m in agreement.  (Yes, I do tell him when I think he’s gone too far.) 

It’s not entirely backfiring on us though because the boys are starting to listen a little more and mind just a tad bit better, esp now that they have a better understanding of why he is the way he is.  They’re fully on the organic bandwagon with us and our kitchen gets really crowded with 4 people in there trying to cook or make something, so it’s a good family time. 

God is taking us to an entirely new level in our relationships with Him and in our family relationship, and the enemy is trying to take advantage of the changing dynamics to attack.  As long as we see it for what it is and don’t let him take advantage of us, we’ll be victorious.

My eyes are always looking to the Lord for help, for he alone can rescue me from the traps of my enemies.  (Psalm 25:15, NLT)


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